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In these workshops you will learn basic key principles for accountability, transparency and integrity in finance management and admin.

You will learn how these translate into systems, policies and formats that you will develop, suitable for your own context and your own team. Including suitable to your own donor’s needs, requirements and conditions.

Each workshop will lead to a very practical product for your organization.

I will explain to you the rationale behind the systems, policies and formats. But in each workshop I will also focus on practical application of the principles in your own organization and context. With the formats, checklists and worksheets I will share with you, you will be able to develop your own systems, policies and formats.

So that after 6 workshops you will have built a strong foundation for a solid basic finance management and admin system for your organization. No more worries about not being in control of the money going out. No need to dread monitoring visits or auditors. And no more panic attacks about donors losing their trust.

If you have any questions, you can jump into our members only community with your peers, where we can together find answers to dilemmas and challenges! 

Doesn’t that sound great?



So what's included:

  • workshop financial processes for nonprofits
  • workshop bookkeeping foundations for nonprofits
  • workshop documentation basics for nonprofits
  • workshop cash flow for nonprofits
  • workshop timesheets for nonprofits
  • workshop fee calculation for nonprofits
  • downloadable presentations, formats, templates and examples
  • a closed community for all your questions and dilemmas

What People Are Saying:

I am done with my initial steps that included manual formulation, Financial processes and systems. All done. My next steps are documents review and fundraising

Member feedback - what came out of the workshops

This is a comprehensive package for you to start building the backbone of your NPO transparency and give you deep inside the root of sustainable management - integrity.

Linh Nguyen

I have been working at development sector for more than 10 years and at that time, there was no course or anything about this.

Member feedback