$9.00 USD

Bookkeeping for nonprofits - the basics

In this workshop we will look at the basics of setting up and using your accounting system, whether that is an in-house excel system or an external system. We will look at: what is a chart of accounts? What is the meaning of that? What are important concepts in bookkeeping? What information does your accounting system need – and what should it verify? What information do you need to get out of your accounting system – and how to make that possible? Having a solid system will help generate better project reports and better annual accounts reports. But it will also help you improve monitoring of progress in your activities.

This workshop is for you if you want to make sure you are keeping proper track of expenses and income. And if you are interested to understand the basics of accounting so that your organization can set this up more professionally.

Workshop members will receive a worksheet with key information from the workshop and an annotated sample of a Chart of Accounts.


Afraid this is gonna be boring?

Suzanne has a knack for making a topic as dreary as admin and finance not only bearable but actually quite fascinating.

Caroline I